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Terms and Conditions

A Comment About Bio-Resonance, Energy Medicine, and Trading Standards

Like many energy medicine companies (and individual practitioners) we have in the past received some degree of attention from our local Trading Standards officers, so far (for us) in response to one single complaint from an anonymous member of the UK public. Although the officers concerned do not have any experience with energy medicine it is their honest duty to determine whether we are making any false claims. We can fully respect that and do not seek to work outide of the law. However, from our personal experience to date the only means by which they are able to get any kind of grasp on our technology is if we equate it to homoeopathy, which is currently available on the NHS (in a very limited fashion) but is decried as a worthless and unfounded means of treatment by the UK General Medical Council. We note that other countries, such as Switzerland, have formally approved it as a valid means of treatment.

The upshot of the interest from a formal regulatory body is that we have to be extra careful how we describe things, and basically not be too specific about anything. You will find that the wording that we use here is along generic lines of "this product is designed to..." rather than "this product will...". Some people who enjoy trolling companies like us pick up on the vaguenes of "is designed to" and use it as a means to demonstrate that we are evasive. It is a continual minefield for us. We are not allowed to include testimonials for a product on the same website that we sell it on, but we can publish as many testimonials as we want on social media as long as customers aren't directed to a place where they can buy it!! All of our products have to be discussed without any kind of claim of efficacy, and we have to emphasise that there is no guarantee of a cure of any medical condition (same as in conventional medicine).

However, in all honesty we do recognise that it is not an easy path for Trading Standards to walk - energy medicine does not follow the kinds of physics that are taught in schools, and British medical practitioners are not taught any of these concepts (even though they are widely endorsed by many medical University professors in Russia, for example). Certainly there are scam-artists in this field and the public needs protecting from that.

So here is the bottom line. Please be sure you understand what you are doing when you buy these products. The UK General Medical Council do not recognise the science that is used here - you should be very mindful of that. Many people with a medical background are vocally opposed to this kind of science, and there are pressure groups who work very hard to get out a negative message about the entire energy medicine field of treatment. We do not give any guarantees that this product will improve your health. If you have any medical issues that are undiagnosed then you are strongly urged to discuss the matter with your GP. We offer a standard money back refund policy on all products where feasible to do so, as long as the item is returned in a clearly cared-for condition. Where possible on some products we offer evaluation versions of our products (e.g. Computer Clear).

Please only proceed to purchase this products on this website if you understand that the principles behind them are not generally recognised by the conventional medical community to be based on relaible science. Please feel free to search for testimonials and opinion pieces on social media to help you make your own mind up.

So then...

Thank you for your interest in the various World Development Systems ("WDS") websites. This page discusses the various policies that we have in regards to the way that we conduct our business and the information applies to all WDS products sold across all WDS websites. These policies are broken down into the following three categories:

Order Acceptance Policy

After you place an order, World Development Systems will determine whether or not to fulfill the order, and World Development Systems may refuse your order or limit your order for any reason. By placing your order, you agree to accept all terms and conditions set forth on this page.

World Development Systems reserves the right to accept, refuse, or limit your order for any reason including - but not limited to - credit review, the unavailability of a product or errors in the prices and product descriptions posted on this web site. By placing your order you agree that World Development Systems's total liability, under any legal theory or claim, shall be limited to the purchase price actually paid to World Development Systems for the product giving rise to World Development Systems's liability.

Delivery Policy

In most cases goods are despatched directly from WDS in the United Kingdom. However, in certain cases we do have resellers around the world who stock certain items where there is high demand. This is done on an ad-hoc basis so it is not possible to maintain a list of resellers who carry WDS stock. If you originally placed your order via a third-party reseller then you will still be redirected to the central WDS checkout website, although appropriate banners will be displayed on the page and on your invoice to retain the identity of the reseller.

The delivery costs for an order are based upon the weight (or sometimes the dimensional size) of the final packaged delivery item(s), together with any insurance that might be applicable on some of the electronic devices. The type of delivery used varies for each product, but can be broadly split into three groups:

  • e-Pendants of all types are sent via regular post in the UK, and by "International Signed-For" to other countries.
  • Disk Doctors, Plant Enhancers, Water Enhancers, Silent Healing CDs, Food and Drink Energisers, Mains Water Enhancers, WDS Travel Devices and e-Lybra accessories are sent by "Signed-For" delivery to the UK (requires a signature), and by "International Signed-For" to the rest of the world.
  • Geopathic Devices and e-Lybra Systems are sent by via DHL courier service to the UK and the rest of the world.

Since the Covid lockdown we have experienced some interruptions to our access to raw components and this is affecting our regular delivery timescales. We currently state that orders will be despatched within 28 days of order. If we estimate that deliveries would be longer than this then we mark the item as unavailable, although you are very welcome to contact us via sales@wds-global.com and state your wish to place an order for the item - we will advise on availability as best as we can. Delivery times are then down to the efficiency of the local postal service in the various parts of the world. When you buy an e-Lybra system, a ONE system, or a Geopathic Device you will be provided with the DHL tracking number when the package has been collected from our premises. Tracking numbers for our products are used to help us locate the status of a package if it is taking longer than expected, but we will provide them to customers beforehand if requested to do so.

Delivery to addresses outside of the EU

Please note that all goods are dispatched from within the United Kingdom and we operate a DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid) policy. This means that for deliveries made outside the EU, each recipient is liable for the import duties, customs and local sales tax levied in that country. If you are unsure of this, please contact us via email at: sales@wds-global.com before placing your order. Once the goods are despatched we are unable to amend or change the delivery information.

Embargoed Countries

WDS despatch products to destinations all over the world. However, our payment collections agency is PayPal which is based in the United States and therefore we are forced to comply with the US list of embargoed countries. If we attempt to collect payment from an invoice address based in any of these countries then payment would be denied to us by PayPal: Burma, Cuba, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Sudan, Syria. Please note that our compliance with this list is not an endorsement of it, merely an acknowledgement that PayPal wouldn't process the transaction anyway.

Returns/Cancellation/Refund Policy

If you are a UK customer you have a statutory right to cancel your order for a short time. You may do this by sending by post, fax or email a WRITTEN notice of cancellation to:

World Development Systems Ltd,
Lucies Farm, 23 Colletts Green Road,
Powick, Worcestershire WR2 4RY
United Kingdom

stating your full name and address and other information sufficient to identify your order. Please also tell us WHY you are returning the goods, and your telephone number in case we have a question. You have until the expiry of SEVEN WORKING DAYS (i.e. excluding Saturday, Sunday, bank holidays and public holidays), starting with the day after the products are delivered, to exercise this right.

Before returning the product, please wait for World Development Systems to provide with with an RMA (return material authorisation) number that will help us track your return and make sure you receive your refund as soon as possible.

If you exercise your right to cancel then any money that you have paid for your order will be refunded, apart from your expense of returning the products as mentioned below.

If you wish to exercise your right to cancel, you must also:

  • take reasonable care of the products until you return them; and
  • ship the product to us in its original packaging at your expense or risk.
  • We will not tolerate a covert "item refresh" attempt. If we send you some goods and you then notify us that you have decided that you don't want the product after all and return it to us then it must be the same exact items that we sent to you. For example, we do not want to send you a new pair of e-Lybra heel straps, and then have you send back an old set when you cancel the order.

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