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Mains Water Enhancer

£85.10 (excludes P&P)

The Mains Water Enhancer is a non-electronic device suitable for use in the home or office. Strap-on to the main water intake pipe and the entire home or office building is catered for. Approx. 200mm in length and 25mm in diameter.

About the Mains Water Enhancer

The Mains Water Enhancer is approximately 200mm in length and 25mm in diameter and is a bio-resonance storage device which transmits energetic patterns indefinitely in a fully interactive manner to a mains water inlet pipe. Using the proprietary e-Lybra Technology our engineers have designed the Mains Water Enhancer to reinstate the Hexagonal molecular structure in water as nature intended. Hexagonal structured water has an innate property which helps erase the negative imprinting found in processed water.

Research shows that using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) it is possible to determine the structure of the water around healthy cells, inside the body, as hexagonal in nature, whereas unhealthy cells often exhibit a disarrayed or pentagonal structure.

How it can help

The Mains Water Enhancer creates a field designed to help eliminate harmful effects of negative components of water. It does this by neutralising the energetic information-imprints held in water in the following categories: heavy metals, poisons and toxins, dioxins, harmful bacteria, parasites, plasticizers, allergens, dyes and malonic acids, harmful electromagnetic influences, moulds, yeasts and fungi, mycotoxins, solvents, viruses.

Incoming water passes through the field created by the Mains Water Enhancer. Life expectancy of the Mains Water Enhancer is in excess of 10 years if cared for properly. This product should not be immersed in water. A larger version for industrial and farm use is available upon request.

In hard water areas you may see white sediment being released into the water once the Mains Water Enhancer has been fitted. This is only lime scale that is being reabsorbed into the water and will probably last only a few days. Also you may notice the water feels softer when showering or bathing.


The field interacts with the water causing changes both to its structure and to its quality. The Mains Water Enhancer should be secured to the incoming water pipe in an office or home using the 2 cable ties provided. The recommended incoming mains water inlet pipe for one Mains Water Enhancer should not exceed 22mm in diameter. In the case of a 25mm (or above) water inlet pipe then more than one Mains Water Enhancer should be used.

This unit is supplied wrapped in aluminium foil which should be discarded before use.

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