W O R L D   D E V E L O P M E N T   S Y S T E M S   

Water Enhancer, white

£26.49 (excludes P&P)

The water that we get through our domestic tap may be filtered and chemically treated but what about the psychic residue that has been imprinted into it by all the people and animals that have passed it through their system? The Water Enhancer mat has been developed to use WDS bio-resonance techniques to eliminate imprinted negative emotional energy. Use the Water Enhancer as a novel drinks mat; simply place the mat under a filter jug, glass or mug.

About the Water Enhancer

Much of our drinking water is contaminated not only with herbicides, pesticides, an assortment of additives such as hormones, food additives and toxins, but also the imprints left behind by the previous consumer of the water. Research shows that water is one of the easiest substances to program and influence. The drinks mat constantly emits quantum remedies to eliminate undesirable energy patterns and to freshen the water.

Water has a memory! The thought that water has passed through another human being has always been difficult to swallow but nevertheless has some truth. When we visited a health exhibition in Florida we heard a presentation by two licensed medical doctors who explained that there are more than 500 different substances found in the water supply - and this is after filtrations!!

These substances we know of, but what about the imprinting of emotions and psychological stresses on the water?

What then can we do to change supposedly drinking water from the tap that potentially contains not one, but many imprints of its former owners? It is likely that, if you pause to think for a moment, several people spring to mind who themselves carry a heavy burden of emotional and mental challenges. When the water that they have consumed gets recycled it is still energetically tainted with their stuff.

Our harmonizing drinks mat will continually work on any drink placed on it, by emitting an energy field which seeks to break down dead or stagnant energy, as well as low-frequency emotional residue. It will also break down energetic imprints of many toxins, herbicides, pesticides, parasites and bacteria - even if they are no longer chemically present the energetic imprint could still be there, and this could degrade your own energy system once it has been ingested.

The drinks mat continually potentises drinks, water, and water-based products - thus effectively removing unwanted energy residue. The effect of the mat does not diminish over time.

How To Care For The Mat

Care should be taken to avoid submerging the drink mat in water. Clean only with a damp cloth; the device is a sealed unit. There are no serviceable parts inside and it does not require a battery.

The drinks mat is so good at what it does that people have described all sorts of repeatable tests that they have carried out with before-and-after tests on food and drink. We even had a group of professional wine tasters (who work for a well-known label) conduct a blind trial and they were astonished at the improvement in the taste of even their most popular wine! Even lemons taste and smell better when placed for a short time on the drinks mat. Try it for yourself today – we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

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