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Plant Enhancer mat

£25.49 (excludes P&P)

The Plant Enhancer is placed under the plant as a regular mat. The energy patterns within the disk are designed to enhance nutrient uptake, boost the overall health of the plant, and helps to protect it from harmful viruses, fungi and parasites.

About the Plant Enhancer

The Plant Enhancer is an extension of our popular Water Enhancer mats. It contains bio-resoannce energy patterns which will nullify negative imprinted energy; in so doing it makes the water more "bio-available" and improves the uptake of the water.

The photos above of the red plant are taken of our genuine trials during the development of this device. Two identical plants were purchased from the same supplier at the same time and were kept next to each other so that they had matching heat, watering and sunlight. The only difference is that only one of the plants had a Plant Enhancer placed under it and then several weeks were allowed to elapse while the plants grew. The results are as shown.

The mat is non-electrical, simply place it under a plant and just let the plant grow. The case is 140mm in diameter.

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