Water Enhancement

W O R L D   D E V E L O P M E N T   S Y S T E M S   

Technology to improve the health of our water

The Power of Hydration

Water is the medium through which all of our cells communicate with each other. It is how the immune system monitors the body for invaders or imbalances and how it knows where to send its "troops" when the body is under threat; all done without our conscious awareness of what is happening. Water makes it possible for the autonomic nervous system, and its two branches, to maintain equilibrium in the body.

Every cell in our body becomes aware when there is even the slightest water shortage. In response, the cells change from a state of optimal function to a state of conservation.

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Overcoming Environmental Problems

It is not surprising that people find it difficult to drink plain tap/faucet water: in the USA at the Doctors Conference in Florida it was reported that there were over 500 trace chemicals present in the local water. Attendees were asked if you knew this then would you drink it?

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